Pic-a-Day 07/09 Clothing

I want to wear these jeans again  

2 years ago they fit, but then my heath took a bit of a nosedive and I turned into an inactive slug.  After the success of my surgery last fall, I am finally feeling strong again and it is time for things to change!  It is time to re-embrace the principles of clean eating and more importantly get off my butt and move!

I swam laps for an hour with my eldest daughter this morning.  She hardly broke a sweat whereas my entire body had turned to rubber by the time I dragged myself out of the pool.  It was just another reminder of how inactive I have been.  So with my new found resolve intact, if you are looking for me tomorrow morning, you will find me at the local rec center swimming laps!

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7 thoughts on “Pic-a-Day 07/09 Clothing

      • Well, I have another friend who is doing it also and we cheer each other along. So far I’ve lost about 6 pounds just by watching what I eat and exercising. Duh. No matter how many people tell me it’s a simple mathematical calculation, calories in vs. calories expended, I still never wanted to accept it. And using this program, I can see it’s definitely true!

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