The Most Important Thing to Maintaining a Marriage

When my husband and I had been dating for three years I moved away from him. I had to move to a different city so I could finish my education degree.  It may have been just three hours distance, but … Continue reading

The Most Important Thing to Remember for 2014

I have not set any resolutions this year.  It was finally time to get honest.  How many years have I set the resolution that I want to lose weight or exercise more only to forget it the next time a … Continue reading

{PX3 Monthly Challenge} January Topic ~ Beginnings

Welcome to month one of my new challenge for 2014.  I’m quite excited about the posts I will be sharing over the year.  If you wish to know more about the challenge just head on over to the Px3 Page. … Continue reading

A Little Magic {High River Family Photographer} Print-Sense Photography

Mom was a little nervous.  “All I want is a nice photo with natural smiles.” I assured her I would work with her family until she had the images she desired. Luckily, her little guy wanted to be the first … Continue reading

Ten Toes and a Button Nose {Calgary Newborn Photographer} Print-Sense Photography

The sweet brush of newborn eyelashes across soft baby cheeks is a sight that will make any mother swoon.  In fact, for new parents it is said there is nothing sweeter than the sight of their sleeping angel. That being … Continue reading

A Baby Brother for Little Princess Claire! {High River Newborn Photographer} Print-Sense Photography

Today I’d like you to meet some very special people: baby Maxton and his older sister, Claire! Our session was a little last-minute and I know mom had to scramble to get everyone ready, but I am incredibly pleased about … Continue reading

A Little Prince is on His Way!

Sheri and Kurt are expecting a little man to soon join their family. The little bundle of cuteness is set to arrive in less than a month.  Sheri had a bit of a tough go early in her pregnancy with … Continue reading

Family is the Best Thing

“Family is the best thing you could ever wish for.  They are there for you during the ups and downs and there for you no matter what.” I love shooting family reunion sessions!  Everyone is excited to see each other … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour (Haiku)

the golden hour bathes the world in a soft light creating beauty

The Weeds of Life

No one ever photographs the weeds in their garden. Why focus in on the dandelions and invading clover when there are lilies and roses to capture? The same can be true of our lives.  It is far too easy to … Continue reading